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Tips on Customizing a Performance Task

By David Marcillo

Expecting More and Getting It Right

I teach 6th graders in a very low-income area. Some of my students are somewhat familiar with technology, but for the most part, they know nothing of tech they cannot hold in their hands. Even […]

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Augusta County Public Schools, Virginia

Grade: 5
Subjects: ELA and Science 
Goal: To incorporate science, technology, and research skills into my writing class - specifically for my expository writing unit. 
Performance Task: Wildlife Biologist 
Defined STEM Impact: "Throughout […]

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Building a Collaborative STEM Classroom

A high-school math teacher shares tips on building a collaborative high-school STEM classroom at the start of the school year.

By Dr. Roxanne Comegys


Let’s set the stage… It’s the first day back from summer vacation at a high school. The students […]

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Preparing Students to Thrive in a Modern Workforce

Preparing Students to Thrive in a Modern Workforce

A middle school English teacher explains how she incorporates STEM skills like problem-solving, formulas, and tech into her word-filled classroom.

With report after report touting the American economy’s need for STEM workers, school districts […]

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Jay McTighe discusses assessment

Watch the video below to see Jay McTighe discuss how assessment should be done throughout learning.

[video mp4="" […]

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