Top 10 Career-Connected, STEM & PBL Articles from 2023

Check out the top 10 career-connected, STEM, and project-based learning education articles from 2023.


The educational landscape this year has been marked by technological advancements and evolving pedagogical approaches. There has been a shift towards more personalized learning approaches focused on building future-ready skills and the use, or misuse, of new technologies in the classroom.

Below are the top articles from 2023, highlighting and recapping the great work educators have done in project-based learning, STEM education, and career-connected learning this year. The topics included range from PBL best practices to how to use ChatGPT in the classroom. 

These articles support Defined's mission of engaging all learners in deeper, career-connected learning to excite students about the future and build the essential future-ready skills they need to succeed.


Top 10 STEM Education & PBL News Stories:

Using ChatGPT to Support Student-Led Inquiry 


Positioning AI as a mentor or simulator of real-world scenarios can promote student inquiry and aid project-based learning. Read more


What is a Portrait of a Graduate?

Educator's Blog

In this article, John Larmer delves into what a Portrait of a Graduate (PoG) is along with its key components. Learn about the challenges and solutions when implementing a PoG and the different ways in which schools and districts are helping students meet their goals. Read more...


Connecting Computer Science Education to In-Demand Careers


Preparing students for the workforce with technical skills, particularly in computer science and, has become increasingly important. This article highlights policies aimed at creating equitable access to computer science education, emphasizing the need for qualified teachers, foundational knowledge, and diverse educational opportunities. Read more...


AASA 2023: How 3 Districts are Working to Transform Teaching and Learning

K-12 Dive

Though education is often slow to embrace change, factors like AI and industry demand for specific skill sets are forcing momentum. Three superintendents share their best practices and lessons learned in navigating educational transformation. Read more...


ChatGPT & PBL: How Project-Based Learning Can Help Teachers Battle (or Befriend) the Bots

Educator's Blog

Educators are reconsidering traditional writing assessments due to concerns about the potential misuse of ChatGPT. Elements of project-based learning (PBL) including authentic products, public sharing, diverse audiences, explanations and defenses, the incorporation of outside sources, and more help mitigate the misuse of ChatGPT. Read more...


Career Education Is ‘for All Kids': How Work-Based Learning Can Engage Students

Education Week

Work-based learning experiences can be a powerful way to help students envision themselves as professionals and make connections between what they are learning in school and the skills they will need for future jobs. Read more...


2023 State of Computer Science Education Report

This report summarizes 2023 computer science education data across the United States and calls upon advocates to revamp school curricula to align with the demands of the 21st century, including requiring that all students learn computer science. Read More...


The Benefits of College and Career Readiness for Middle School Students

Educator's Blog

Introducing college and career exploration and experiences at the middle school level is critical to prepare students for future success. Career-connected learning helps students explore various careers, develop essential skills, and build connections with professionals, fostering a proactive and informed approach to their futures. Read more...


A Handy Framework for Designing Units of Study 


People, places, and problems offer rich opportunities for real-world learning. This unit design framework ensures engaging, aligned learning objectives, experiences, and assessments. Read more...


Moving from Engagement to Deeper Thinking


To make learning last, educators need to design instruction that reflects how the brain works. Education experts explain that students should be able to think deeply about their learning, not just appear to be engaged. The authors differentiate between student thinking and engagement and offer educators practical strategies to deepen learning. Read more...


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