The Connecticut State Department of Education Selects Defined Learning as Statewide Vendor Partner

CSDE chooses Defined Learning's online curricula to advance equity and accelerate learning in all districts. 

Defined Learning is honored to partner with The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) to support its goal of delivering equitable access to high-quality resources. After a thorough procurement process, Defined Learning was chosen as one of two vendor partners that will provide all K-12 teachers and students with high-quality online curricula that accelerates learning.

“Advancing equity and access requires us to think boldly and create transformative programs that leverage the deliberate and strategic use of technology in concert with in-person learning. Integrating these virtual platforms into classroom learning will allow Connecticut to continue to be a leader in innovation when it comes to how our students learn and access school,” Acting Commissioner of Education Charlene Russell-Tucker said.

Closing the Gap

CSDE will provide all K-12 students with access to Defined Learning’s online curricula for project- and career-based learning. Supplementing local curricula and aligning with Connecticut state standards, Defined Learning elevates the levels of engagement and rigor using customizable problem-solving tasks that strengthen 21st-century skills and foster career readiness. Projects can be assigned to an individual student or an entire classroom through the online portal. In place of a formative assessment, the platform curates individual portfolios to track project completion and skill development while empowering students to have a voice in their demonstration of knowledge. 

“We are honored to partner with CSDE as they grow and evolve curriculum offerings to better serve students and teachers in today’s unique learning environments,” Andy Schaefer, President of Defined Learning, said. “With the implementation of Defined Learning, we hope to bridge the equity gap and cultivate essential skills preparing Connecticut students for the future.”

Driving Outcomes

To ensure student outcomes are maximized, CSDE and Defined Learning implementation teams will deliver professional development for teachers to guide them towards effective implementation of high-quality project-based learning.

For more information regarding Defined Learningand Defined Careers™ and how to introduce this solution to your school, connect with our team.


About Defined Learning

Defined Learning is a transformative K-12 EdTech company that combines technology, creativity, and curriculum expertise to provide useful and relevant online content to students, teachers, and administrators. Since 2009, Defined Learning has been helping school districts bring real-world experiences that are connected to today's careers into the classroom through its web-based platform.



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