Professional Learning at PBL Champions Camp

Last week was a transformational experience for 26 educators at the inaugural Defined Learning PBL Champ Camp at LutheRanch in Tallapoosa GA. These dedicated and hard-working educators spent a week of their summer being immersed in inspirational experiences. They went on morning WOW (Walk Outside and Wonder) walks, worked collaboratively to solve challenges related to the UN Sustainable Goals, dug into DL PBLs related to the topics they were addressing, explored Defined Careers and were willing to be novices at camp activities.

These educators represented 9 states and 15 districts and left as lifelong friends committed to high-quality education for their students. Besides everything they learned that can be applied to their classroom, they went fishing, horseback riding, did archery, went canoeing, kayaking, swam in a lake, and completed a ropes course. They spent an entire week fueling their curiosity and developing neuroplasticity. They will remain connected through a FB group, with monthly STEM Twitter chats, monthly book club meetings, and monthly Zoom calls. These educators are going to set the world on fire at their schools and districts and are the beginning of Defined Learning’s teacher community.

We would love for you to participate in 2022 and the camp dates are July 10-15 and July 31-August 4th. Come join us as we put the “fun” in fundamentals!

About the author:
Dr. Cindy Moss is a nationally respected thought leader in STEM education and reform. Dr. Moss brings over 31 years experience in district leadership, classroom instruction and inquiry based learning to her work as a champion for STEM engagement and career & workforce readiness. Learn more about Dr. Moss here and follow her on Twitter at @STEMboss


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