The Top 5 Motivational and Inspirational Stories from Trailblazing Educators

To help provide inspiration and new ideas for engaging your students, we’ve put together a list of articles that were written by some of our favorite trailblazing educators.

5 stories featuring inspiring educators: 

Projects that Inspire Students to Think Beyond the Classroom

By Deanna Freeman, Elementary Intervention Educator

In this article, an elementary school intervention teacher shares how she inspired her students to collaborate, create, and consider future careers.


Strategies that Help Students to Dream and Innovate

By Brian Cook, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

A middle school ELA teacher explains the strategies that he used to provide opportunities for his students to “dream and innovate to improve the trajectory of their educational endeavors”.


Using PBL to Support an Inclusive Classroom Community

By Page Syvertson, Elementary School Teacher 

In this article, an elementary school teacher explains how she integrates the Social Justice Standards into her project-based learning tasks.


Meeting SEL Through PBL

By Rachelle Dene Poth, High School Spanish, and STEAM Teacher

A high school Spanish and STEAM teacher explains the benefits of PBL, especially for promoting the development of SEL, and provides a list of digital tools that can help enhance the PBL process. 


Introducing career exploration in middle school through PBL

By Dr. Donna Wright, District Director

In this article, a school district director explains how project-based learning (PBL) bolstered their district's efforts to maintain student engagement.



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