At-Home Ideas for Encouraging STEM Curiosity

March 6th is National Frozen Food Day. For students in school they cannot imagine a time we did not buy frozen food, but this ability to preserve nutrients as food was flash frozen was a game changer. To find out more about Mr. Birdseye, the person who discovered the power of flash freezing food, check out this site.  

To celebrate National Frozen Food Day you can discuss states of matter and why freezing into smaller particles keeps food fresh, tasty and nutritious, while freezing slowly over a long time will result in food that resembles mush. You can have a discussion around your students’ favorite foods that are prepared from a frozen resource.

STEM is about encouraging curiosity among your students, so encourage them to come up with questions about frozen food.

If you are using Defined Learning’s PBLs the following would be relevant for this theme:

  • Grade 2           Farmers and the economy
  • Grade 3           Food Safety
  • Grade 4           Space food scientist
  • Grade 5           Chef
  • Grade 6           Food truck entrepreneur
  • Grade 7           School lunch operations: Healthy ice cream
  • Grade 8           Food activist: eco friendly meal kits
  • Grade 9           Culinary artist and sustainability
  • Grade 10         Restauranteur
  • Grade 11         Grain farmer

Have fun and enjoy your favorite frozen food as you celebrate Mr. Birdseye’s discovery!


About the author:
Dr. Cindy Moss is a nationally respected thought leader in STEM education and reform. Dr. Moss brings over 31 years experience in district leadership, classroom instruction and inquiry based learning to her work as a champion for STEM engagement and career & workforce readiness. Learn more about Dr. Moss here and follow her on Twitter at @STEMboss


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