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Tips for Using PBL in the Remote Math Classroom

Tips for Using PBL in the Remote Math Classroom

Teaching math in a remote classroom needs to be even more engaging than face-to-face since we are not next to our students to give them a nudge when they are off task.  One way to engage them while reinforcing our math standards and practices is by […]

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Building a Collaborative STEM Classroom

A high-school math teacher shares tips on building a collaborative high-school STEM classroom at the start of the school year.

By Dr. Roxanne Comegys


Let’s set the stage… It’s the first day back from summer vacation at a high school. The students […]

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Teaching STEM: The Dilemma

By Anne Jolly

I remember a haunting conversation with a 7th-grade science teacher – I’ll call her Sara. Actually, I guess Sara was the one who was haunted – haunted by the possibilities of what STEM could mean in her classroom if she could […]

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Tips on Making Every Day Pi Day in the Classroom

By Carolyn Marchetti

In just a few days, on March 14, I will join with my friends, colleagues and millions of others around the globe to celebrate Pi Day. For the uninitiated, Pi Day is an annual celebration that honors Pi, the numerical value […]

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