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North Carolina School District Gives STEM some STEAM

North Carolina School District Gives STEM some STEAM

The data speaks for itself in Greene County, North Carolina, but it’s only part of the story. The real story comes from the district’s response to remote learning, and, most importantly, according to district leaders, the feedback the district is […]

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Tips on Customizing a Performance Task

By David Marcillo

Expecting More and Getting It Right

I teach 6th graders in a very low-income area. Some of my students are somewhat familiar with technology, but for the most part, they know nothing of tech they cannot hold in their hands. Even […]

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Engaging Middle Schoolers in Authentic PBL

By Shaun Spence

Being part of a small and underperforming rural district, we feel the constant pressure that surrounds high stakes testing. As administrators and teachers constantly look at how we can improve state assessment scores (especially in […]

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Augusta County Public Schools, Virginia

Grade: 5
Subjects: ELA and Science 
Goal: To incorporate science, technology, and research skills into my writing class - specifically for my expository writing unit. 
Performance Task: Wildlife Biologist 
Defined STEM Impact: "Throughout […]

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Building a Collaborative STEM Classroom

A high-school math teacher shares tips on building a collaborative high-school STEM classroom at the start of the school year.

By Dr. Roxanne Comegys


Let’s set the stage… It’s the first day back from summer vacation at a high school. The students […]

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